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Floral Tea Sampler
Floral Tea Sampler
Floral Tea Sampler
Floral Tea Sampler
Floral Tea Sampler

Floral Tea Sampler

A collection of our best flowers in this sampler pack of 5 (4 serving each bag).
NET WEIGHT: 10G - .35OZ each pack
Perfect for making your own tea blends or to drink individually.
They all come with their own descriptions and brewing time.
Other uses:
-soap making
-candle making
-bath. soaks
Our Chamomile flowers have a lovely sweet flavor evoking notes of honey, pear and quince. Harvested in eastern Europe at peak season to ensure freshness, it brews a delicately, soothing floral herbal tea.
Rose petals:
We source our organic red rose petals from India. As powerful as they are beautiful, you’ll immediately be immersed in their floral aroma when opening the jar. When Infused for tea, the flavor profile shifts to be more delicate and herbaceous. Enjoy as a calming drink or design your own blend by mixing with other herbs and spices.
Known for it’s antioxidant properties, our Hibiscus flowers are sourced from an organic farm in India. Brew to create a crimson-colored infusion that is tart, refreshing and naturally caffeine-free. With notes of citrus and pomegranate, it is equally enjoyable both hot and iced.
Our lavender flowers are organically grown in eastern Europe and embody the fresh and floral aroma they are famous for. Relaxing and comforting, enjoy as an herbal drink or pour into a warm bath. Lavender is also wonderful in facial steams and mixes well with herbs like rosemary and sage.
Calendula :
Calendula flowers are well known to many herbalists for their beneficial properties. The bright yellow flowers are packed with antioxidants and are an excellent remedy for inflamed and angry skin. They can be infused in oils and incorporated into lotions, creams, and balms. They brighten herbal tea blends and make a tasty calendula tea infusion with their delicate sweet and herbaceous notes.

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